holiday survival pack

When you’re a genius like me and decide to start your shopping 5 days before Christmas,  the week turns into a bit of a blur.   It’s manageable, but blurry.   Shopping and wrapping don’t stress me out.   It’s the crazy rush that starts on the 21st or so.  I love all of it, but here’s what I need to stay sane during the holidays.

1. Gift Cards.

Even though I’ll go over my shopping list ten times, I always forget someone –or– someone I wasn’t expecting a gift from will hit me with a gift.   Gift cards keep me prepared, and if they go unused, odds are good I can gift them to someone else down the line.

2. Cookies

My cookies look just like this too.   Christmas cookies are a necessity for family parties, neighbor gifts and more.   My dining room table often looks like it’s been consumed by cookie tins this time of year.

3.  Krause’s Candy

This is a 518 specific requirement, but I can’t get through Christmas without Krause’s.   Their gift boxes make the perfect gift for teachers and co-workers.   It’s crazy in there this time of year, but if I’m going to be in a crazy store I’d definitely prefer it be filled with chocolate.

4.  Gift Bags

The back of my truck turns into a mobile gift wrapping station this week.   I buy, I wrap, I deliver (or hide.)   I actually love wrapping gifts, but there’s nothing easier than a gift bag, especially when you’re dealing with an annoying hexagon shaped box or something ridiculous.

5. Batteries

I buy a ridiculous amount of batteries before Christmas hits.   I actually get this 40 pack available at CVS, it has every battery you could ever use for like $20 – steal.   Between battery powered toys kiddo will probably receive and stuff that we don’t even realize needs batteries, this is a lifesaver.

6.  School Pictures and Frames

I send kiddo’s school picture out with Christmas cards (wallet sized.)  But a few family members have asked for larger versions (awwww) so I make sure to stock up on frames for when I hand over the school pic.

7. Change of Clothes

In addition to the mobile gift wrapping station in the back of my truck, I’ll also have a mobile closet.   We’re invited to a lot of parties and family events and you can arrive in a dress and suddenly be on a muddy hike, it’s just easier to keep tons of clothes at the ready.

8. Lip Serum

Obsessed with Be Fine’s Lip Serum.  I first discovered this gem in a birchbox over the summer, but this is the perfect holiday rush gloss.  Keeps your lips moisturized, shiny, and you won’t need to worry about leaving lipstick stains behind on glasses!

9.   Nerf Blasters

Because these are just fun for all the kids in the family, and at some point the adults grab them too.   Just keep a couple tucked away for when kids might start to get a little restless.

10.   Wine

Great for gift giving, or enjoying a glass when you get home from the holiday cheer!

Do you have any necessities to get through the holidays?

holiday procrastination

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house/Not a creature was stirring, they were all at work.

So it’s a week before Christmas and I haven’t started shopping.  Well, that’s a lie, I did pick up a Starbucks Holiday cold cup for someone (no clue who yet – probably my bro).   I’m a procrastinator in the worst way.   I’ve never been the girl to clear out the holiday shopping in August, or November…or shoot even a week before the holidays.   There are a few upsides to my procrastination, shopping on the 22nd or 23rd the crowds aren’t so frightening and sometimes you can save some $$$.   Last year he thought I purchased stocking stuffers, I thought he purchased stocking stuffers so there was a last minute trip to CVS to make sure stockings hung by the chimney with care would be plump with goodies.   I got so much stuff for under $20, everything was marked down on Christmas Eve…I might wait until Christmas Eve to do stockings this year too!

If you’re still doing some last minute shopping for people, might I make a few suggestions from discoveries I’ve made?   If you’re shopping for a woman as of Tuesday Target has the most glorious 3/4 length puffer coats on sale in black, white, brown and purple – $15!!!!!  Amazing, right?  I picked up a black one and it has kept me warm and cozy throught this obscene cold we’re experiencing in the Northeast.   I’m not sure when the sale ends, but this jacket is amazing!



Another great gift for someone you really really really like would be the new iPod Nano.  I picked one up in September before I had my wisdom tooth removed and it was the best impluse purchase of the year!  It’s the perfect size, the expanded screen is beautiful, I love that I can listen to my music or the radio (shout out to local radio) and the video camera is pretty good.  Clearly not a light purchase, but if you’ve been thinking about purchasing the Nano for someone just do it – they will love it – you’ll be a hero and Christmas 2009 will be better for it.

If you’re a procrastinating shopper, best of luck and Happy Holidays!!