vegan pizza

I’m not a vegan, I’m just trying to eat like one. When I started this experiment I quickly learned I would have to prepare pretty much everything myself. That’s fine, I’ve enjoyed trying new recipes and discovering new flavors, but sometimes I get lazy. Friday kiddo was begging for pizza that I was just too wiped to make from scratch. I had a craving for pizza myself and remembered hearing that Little Anthony’s offered vegan pizzas. I figured it would be worth a shot.  I’ll be honest I was a little skeptical, I’m a bit frightened of simulated foods, I haven’t jumped into tofu or seiten yet and simulated cheese sounds creepy.    I got a cheese/sausage for manfriend and kiddo and a small vegan pizza with green peppers and mushrooms for myself.

Not only does it look good it tastes delicious. I won’t make it a habit, but when I’m craving some quick food I’ll definitely try Little Anthony’s again.    This was my first experience with Daiya mozzarella and I’m interested in using it in my own cooking.   The consistency was definitely different than normal cheese but not as creepy/creamy as I’d heard.   I’m pretty sure I could sneak this into manfriend and kiddo’s tummy’s and they’d never know the difference.

It’s snot freezing cold here in the wilds of upstate NY. I like to hibernate like a bear when it’s this chilly. Kiddo and I stayed in doing Christmas stuff and making salt flour ornaments. Easy. Fun. He did a good job.


He even made ornaments of the fam. Manfriend (aka daddy) was a little upset that he baked up so round.

I can’t believe Christmas is next week.   I haven’t even started to think about shopping.   I like to kick off my holiday shopping experience around December 23rd.   I’m a pro at procrastination!