snack attack

I spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen on Sunday getting snacks ready for manfriend and kiddo ahead of the game.  Here was the spread…obviously kiddo and his dad are not embracing my attempt at vegan eating:

Fresh Salsa, I just chopped three tomatoes, half a large green pepper, 2 ears of fresh corn, 1/2 c of cilantro and mixed with a dash of lime juice and 2 spoonfuls of chili sauce.   Amazing.

Nachos (melt cheese over nachos, tough stuff.)

Honey Lemon Garlic wings, you can find the recipe here.   I threw some honey on them for the last five minutes of baking and manfriend loved them.  He’s a wing expert.

Twice baked potatoes, which are always amazing.   The big game version had bacon and cheese in them, but I’ve made them vegan many times with a little bit of Earth Balance and some veggies or herbs mixed in.

There were also lots and lots of veggies.  If my kid is allowed to eat anything with bacon in it, he better be housing some serious veggies along with it.

Hope you enjoyed the snacking Big Game!