I think I’ve established my instagram obsession, yea it’s an obsession, whatevs. I think I may have actually said/made the noise “oooooh” when I spotted this link up at Life Rearranged . InstaFriday!!

Don’t judge, I’m sure you’ve made a noise about a link up too. 🙂

I’m all too excited to join in on the InstaFriday fun…bam. Let’s do this.

We had our Kennebunkport getaway, as soon as we arrived we dashed to the beach and I got to do this.


I spotted this window in a bathroom at a hotel we weren’t staying at but pretended to be guests at so we could explore….we’ll call it a fancy bathroom window.


Not all instagrammed out but how beaut is this chapel on the water ?   When manfriend brought me here for a split second I thought he was going to propose (it’s that romantic and breathtaking.)   Then I remembered we’re never getting married.


I housed these LOBSTAHS!!!

Kickass sandbar at one of the hotels we stayed at.   Kiddo wanted to know if he could play on it (we didn’t let him.)   This is also where I was served a cosmo with cranberry juice, yea.


I’m a one piece girl, I’ve only wore a bikini ONCE in my life and never plan on wearing one again.  Love my Michael Kors suit:

We broke out the sand castle architecture skills.   Handcrafted with awesome:

Path to the greatest beach in the world, Parson’s Beach.   This place is straight out of a postcard

The hotel we stayed at also had this bizarre (and beautiful) fairy village, I took lots of pics but this was one of my faves


Rain falling outside our deck before a party


Kiddo and his dad on the beach


Diver dude at the Boston New England Aquarium


Then I went back to work and took an instagram break till today, playground demolition…sad


If you’re on instagram I’d love to see your pics!