spray tan fail/fix

It’s taken a long time for me to embrace my pale skin.   Growing up I was surrounded by friends and family who were always bronzed, while I had to be slathered in sunscreen head to toe for fear of burning.  I physically cannot tan, but I discovered self applied sunless tanning options when I was 16.   I won’t get into my many summers of looking like Anne Hathaway in Bridesmaids, I rocked the streaks with grace though.

I finally discovered mystic tanning (not nearly as messy as the self applied stuff but way more expensive) and eventually grew out of my need to always been tan.   I’m cool with being pale, but every now and again I like to pretend to be tan so I’ll get my mystic on.     I know how to prepare to make sure I have the best tan.   Exfoliate.   Apply the barrier cream (lotion you put on your hands and feet to keep them from being super dark.)    Keep my arms out while doing the nekkid tan dance

I knew I wanted to look tan for this weekend so I prepped as always and got my mystic on on Saturday.   I did everything I always do but when I got done tanning my hands felt sticky.   They never feel sticky after tanning.   Even after wiping the barrier cream off it was still bothering me so I decided to wash my hands super quick.   Big oops.   I probably should’ve waited 30 minutes or so because I basically washed the tan off my hands and arms, here’s what I woke up to yesterday:

That’s my really attractive splotchy arm.  This pic doesn’t even do it justice, it was such a blotchy contrast of tan and pale.   Thankfully because I’ve f*cked up many self applied tans before, I had a fix in mind.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs.   This stuff will save you in a pinch if you have a spray tan disaster.   I went with the medium glow. It’s usually $12-$14 at your nearest drug store.  It’s easy to use, just spray, rub, dry, move on.

This pic was actually taken after working, sweating, showering and sleeping and it’s still covering up the f-up.   If I reapply today I’ll make sure to show how well it works.   Just a little tip to keep in mind if you ever screw up your spray tan like I did!