schroon lake

If you’re driving up the Northway to “the lake” you’re probably going to Lake George, every once in awhile we head a little further north to Schroon Lake, if you think this pic is pretty you should see it in the summer.

The beach was closed but we were still able to do ample exploring and relaxing, how amazing is this view?

The water was very high, I’m not an environmental expert but this pic kinda sums up my statement (half submerged dock):

We still had time to wander up the shore and enjoy the not quite chilly May afternoon,

I even took a little risk and popped my toes in the super chilly water

(I love that my feet are so pale they actually look like they’re glowing.)

Schroon Lake is a definite visit in the summer, seriously, you won’t be disappointed.

518 readers do you ever venture past Lake George?   What’s your favorite “almost to Canada” destination?