if i had a million dollars – world’s most expensive iphone case

I don’t know about you, but I use my iPhone for everything.   Schedules, emails, blogging, I can even run my radio station from it.  I suppose I should invest more in protecting something that’s so central to my life, but would you spend 1,000 times more than a phone’s worth to protect it?   You could!   Check out the world’s most expensive iPhone case:


The Lotus, created by Uunique London, costs over $300,000 and is made of 18k rose gold and diamonds.   You can see the intricate craftsmanship that went into the Lotus’ creation here:

Makes your OtterBox feel kinda cheap now doesn’t it?


my iphone hates me

So I broke down and got a new iPhone about 2 weeks ago, my old one was shutting off all the time.  I was missing texts and emails from people so I decided to move on to the iPhone 4S.   Awesome, until this morning.   Suddenly I can’t play music without earbuds…my rant is below.   I can’t seem to find a fix.  Can you help me?


it’s 5

5 degrees out as I type this:

That’s what I call snot freezing cold.   Classy way to describe the weather, but entirely true.  Instead of being able to run out with a light jacket on I’ve got to do the bundle:

I’m not a big fan of the bundle.   I had to say bye to my fingerless gloves for real gloves and remembered that I can’t really use my iPhone when gloves are on.   Not a huge deal, I’m cool with not checking emails when I’m outside, but this product caught my eye:

SmarTouch gloves!   The little pads on the fingers still let you get your swipe on.   Genius!   I’m sure they’ve been around forever but when I saw these yesterday it made my day.   If winter is for real about staying in the Capital Region, I may splurge on a pair of these.

Despite the chilly temps I’ll still make a smoothie to go this morning.   I’m going to try my own creation and hope it doesn’t suck too badly.

1 cup chocolate soy milk

2 handfuls of spinach

1 tablespoon of almond butter

1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed

maybe half a banana if it needs firming up and of course some ice cubes.

I’m in the mood for something chocolatey so we’ll see if this hits the spot.   Stay warm!


what lurks in the phone

Most of the pics I post on this here bloggy are from my iPhone (digital cameras like to break on me) but I thought this was a cute little link up. What else is lurking in my phone from the last week?

Did some coloring with the kid at religion. It’s St. Nick


Enjoyed the christmas decor at Kimberly’s


Don’t think I’ve seen a feather wreath before but I like !


Fooled around with a pic of manfriend and I


Enjoyed some VIP seating with work friends at the holiday party (right next to the buffet)


And partied at Club Element