app love

I’m an iPhone addict ! I think I’m going to start a monthly app love post about my fave new finds. This is a little glimpse of my faves !

I actually just organized my apps this week woth folders, they were a cluttered mess before. I’m writing this post from my wordpress app.   Of course I’m all about faceboook twitter and my new obsession instagram !


My next group of favorites are games.


Gin rummy is a definite fave, love words with friends and fruit ninja !!! You slice up pieces of fruit with a samurai sword. It’s kind of satisfying !


My next grouping are relax apps:


Bowls is a really relaxing app. You control meditation bowls, the sounds are very soothing.


Zen bound is another fave. You’re wrapping a string around a wooden animal, sounds crazy but it’s a simple way to destress.


Distant Shore is another calming app, you “walk” on a beach and enjoy the sounds of the ocean and sand. You come across messages in bottles from other users and you can send messages as well !


My next group of faves are photography and graphics


These are great if you ever need to edit a picture in the go. Camera+ has a ton of great filters too.

Finally a new app I found has a fun evil feature. Fake text !


Basically if you need to get out of a convo this app could be your best escape route 🙂

So what are your favorite apps ? Any must haves you could share ?