if i had a million dollars – louis vuitton jelly bag

Let me just clarify that this post should actually be: if I had a million dollars I could buy this (but  don’t want to.)

I discovered this jelly gem today today and it was too bizarre not to point out.  If you’re all up on the Louis Vuitton jelly bag from 4 seasons ago, apologies for late notice, but for real?

Let me preface my rant with a love for all things jelly.   In the 80’s, when I was 5, I was the jelly movement’s biggest supporter.   I guilted my parents into buying me every jelly bracelet

I had jelly sandals, AND jelly flats (thank you Caldor.)

I was a jelly believer.   Fast forward, ummm many years, and I was excited to read that jelly fashion was making a return this spring.  Who doesn’t love a jelly flat?   Who can’t love something jelly?

Enter this:

That is the Louis Vuitton jelly bag for the low, low price of $3,150.00.  It reminds me of the beach bags my mom used to pick up at Fay’s (when we weren’t at Caldor) but I’m pretty sure she was paying about .99 for them.    I’m no fashionista, I think I’m usually pretty on trend, I just don’t understand this bag, or the price.  It’s a LV jelly bag, with a LV sack inside.   For the cost of rent for a studio apartment on the UES.    I don’t know if I’d even pay $19.99 for this at Target.   How about you, are you obsessed with the Jelly Bag?