let it shine

Blah, blah, blah I like to sparkle things, blah, blah.   I made a fab picture frame over the weekend, pretty cheap.   While wandering through Michael’s looking for glue I stumbled upon their unfinished wood products.   From letters to shelves they have tons of stuff, including super cheap picture frames.  I think it was under $2.    So I turned this:

Into this:

It’s super easy.   Frame + glue + paintbrush + sparkles = sparkly things.   Done.    Now I’m not saying I’m amazing, but I think this looks pretty cool.   If this was sitting on a shelf at Pier One you know there are some ladies who would pay $ for this.  Not saying I’m selling anything, I just thought it looked pretty decent.  Anyway,  I decided to put this up at work (still need to find a good picture to put in it) and tossed this sparkled up wreath thing too:

Hey, you can’t have too many crystals!  I started on an unfinished wood mirror too, decided to jewel tone that out.  One color sparkles look way better, but it’s given me a few ideas:

I’ve got a whole tub of shine here so who knows what I’ll sparkle up next:

if i had a million dollars – world’s most expensive flash drive

I love sparkle.   My friend Kelsey also loves sparkle.   So naturally she had to share this tidbit from Yahoo News about the world’s most expensive flash drive:

You can store up to 32GB of awesomeness for just about $37,000 (depending on how fancy you want your magic mushroom flash drive to be.)   Looks like it could double as a necklace as well.    I could totally see a Real Housewives cast member break out one of these badass mushrooms in an important “business” meeting.

If you’re looking for some geeky chic tech wear that won’t cost you thousands, check out these fun and affordable flash drives.

how to bling an egg

one egg + glue + some gems =