if i had a million dollars – world’s most expensive dress

If you’ve already found the perfect little black dress it’s time to upgrade to the world’s most expensive dress…if you’ve got about $5 million laying around.

The dress, created by Debbie Wingham, weighs almost 30 pounds and has 25 two carat black diamonds on the dress, diamonds along the shoulder line and further down the skirt and then another set of 25 two carat black diamonds on the shrug!  Oh it’s also sewn with gold thread.  I’d imagine you’d need an army of bodyguards to head to cocktail hour in this dress.

 I could see Mamatoga sporting something fabulous like this. 

You can learn more about the black diamond dress at the designer’s website, you know in case you need a million dollar dress for your next big event 🙂 .   If you do end up finding a place to wear the black diamond dress, don’t forget to pair it with the black diamond nail polish.  You’ll have $5 million on your body and $250k on your hands.  No need to accessorize!

tights or pantyhose?

I went to a wedding this past Saturday and sported my new favorite little black dress.  It was the perfect cut, had beautiful pearl detailing, made me look skinnier than I actually am but somehow still made me appear to have an ass, all for $50.   I paired it with this adorable gray toned leopard print wrap.  Thank you Macy’s clearance rack.   This is an incredibly attractive dressing room shot:

I have a pair of black platform pumps but couldn’t decide if I should wear black tights

or pantyhose.

I’m a tights girl for the most part but I’ve worn pantyhose in the past for formal events…sorry I’m Irish and pale, bare legs are only for May-August.   I cringe when I hear pantyhose but I think it’s because it involves the word “panty” and I hate for that word.   Anyway, I spent so much time trying to decide between tights and hose, it was embarrassing, so what would you have worn?

what to wear

Manfriend and I were invited to a gala this weekend by a college friend.   I’m so excited to spend time with some of my old college roomies and get dressed up.  I’m a dj so dressy affairs for me tend to be funky outfits but I don’t have many ballgowns.

The dress for the evening is black tie optional so manfriend is all set with one of his suits (although he was explaining to me why he couldn’t wear pinstripes to a saturday evening event, apparently dudes have reasons for dress too :).) but I’m trying to figure out what I should wear.   2 of my friends are wearing longer dresses (but not ballgowns) and 1 friend is is wearing a knee length dress.   These are the two I’m considering..they’re cocktail dresses.

This black and white dress (on the right) hits me at the knee.  It’s cotton but doesn’t look like it’s cotton.  It’s super comfy but also slightly different.

There’s some ruching detail on the top that the above picture doesn’t do justice:

The other option I’m considering from my closet is a bit more risky and will require my pale butt to get a spray tan:

Super fun sequins that I purchased a few years ago and just haven’t found the right place to wear.   It hits just above the knee.    These are BIG sequins:

These are the shoes i’m considering wearing with either dress.  LOVE a sequined platform pump!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE your thoughts on either of these dresses.  If you think they’re not dressy enough for the event I’m always looking for a reason to shop!!!