l’oreal one sweep eyeshadow winner

SO sorry this post is going up so late.   Busy at work + long weekend without internet + busy at work + kiddo = uber late!   Anywho, congrats to headant you’re the winner of the l’oreal one sweep eyeshadows, yay!   I hope they work out for you!

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Thanks again for entering !

giveaway: l’oreal one sweep eyeshadow

I don’t know about you but I get so busy during the summer, I almost never have time to do makeup.   I swear between July and August it’s a good day if I have concealer on!   You know what could help?   Quickie makeup.    You know who has that?  L’Oreal.

Earlier this year L’Oreal launched their new line of one sweep eyeshadows.   If you’re not familiar the basic premise is that in one sweep this shadow will define, color and highlight your eye using three colors at once on one brush.   Sounds cool right?   I was intrigued when one my friends posted about it on Facebook a few months ago so I ran right out and bought it for green eyes (the majority of color schemes are based on your eye color.)

I tried it out, and once I got the hang of the funky brush I was pleasantly surprised!   It’s not an intense color but it’s definitely there and I liked the effect.   Bonus that it’s a timesaver when I’m running late (it really is.)    Now, I’ve searched and read through a lot of the reviews, many of them are NOT positive about this product but personally I’m happy with it.   I’m so happy with it I thought I’d give away some for you to try out 🙂

One winner will receive 2 styles of the L’Oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow.

L’Oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow Playful for all eyes (quantity one {1}):

L’Oreal One Sweep Eyeshadown Playful for brown eyes (it’s kind of a lavender shade and I think it would work on many eye colors) (quantity one {1})

Can I guarantee that they’ll be the perfect fit for your eyes…nope.   Is this a fun way for you to try out a new product without breaking the bank…yup.

The contest begins at 3am EST on 5/20/11 and will end on 11:59pm on 5/26/11.   To enter you’ll just need to like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter (the Facebook page is brand spankin’ new) and then leave a comment on this blog post (or on my new Facebook page) saying which one you liked/followed and what your current eyeshadow routine is .   I’ll announce a winner at random on May 27th before noon because it’ll be the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend and I know you have things to do!

I’ll make sure to post a pic tomorrow of me wearing the One Sweep Eyeshadow for green eyes…I like it!

easy eyeshadow?

My friend Laura just posted this on Facebook and I’m intrigued!

L’Oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow.  Apparently one sweep and you’ll have the perfect looking eye makeup.  The shades are available to complement your eye color or to play up your eye color.    The reviews on the site look pretty positive. I’m heading out to pick up some items for my first ashallann giveaway for you (yay) and I think I’ll have to pick up one of these to try out if I can find it!   I’m thinking playful green:

I love makeup, but there are mornings when I’m half awake or just lazy, having a one shot eyeshadow would be pretty cool and an amazing timesaver !  We’ll see if it works!

Have you tried out the one sweep eyeshadow?  It looks like it’s been out for a few months.