coloring – it’s not just for pre-schoolers anymore

When I’m feeling stressed, angry, minutes away from a panic attack, I reach for something that is so calming…a crayon.   Sometimes a marker, and I color a mandala.

I was first introduced to Mandalas at a yoga weekend at the Dominican Spiritual Life Center in 2003.   For a full explanation of what exactly mandalas are, and how the act of coloring can actually be used as a form of relaxation or meditation, click here.

These are a few of the mandalas that have helped me through stressful times:

I found a great series of books full of mandalas that can be colored.    Yes, some people will say it’s childish, that it’s just a coloring book, but I’ve found it to be an amazing relaxation tool   Who doesn’t love to color?!

If you’re not ready to purchase a book of clear mandalas, this page has many that you can print.   Enjoy!