tulips & toes

Saturday was absolutely beautiful in upstate New York.   70’s, sun shining, a light breeze, we’ve had snow in late April before so I do not take this weather for granted.   I had read an article in the Times Union that because of our fab weather, the tulips for Tulip Festival may actually be dead by May and that peak viewing time was now.  Boom, there was our reason to head to Washington Park, it did not disappoint.

I found the perfect lounging spot while kiddo played

The tulips were breathtaking.

And I got to reflect about the Moses statue.  Kiddo saw the water and immediately asked if he could jump in, I responded with a NO, but that was a bit hypocritical…

Growing up in Albany I spent a lot of time in the park.  Even pre-high school.   My brother and I went to a ton of different after care and summer camp programs over the years and they would walk us all over Albany.   That’s right, walk…we only got to take a bus if it was raining and that was a maybe.   Anyway, I remember when I went to one camp downtown, we would spend every day in the park.  We always migrated towards the Moses statue and we would always jump in the water, I don’t remember checking to see if a dog was peeing in it first, I doubt that would have deterred us.    We would then climb to the top, try to find ways inside the monument, hang off it.  Not only were we disrespectful, it was just plain unsafe, but a ridiculous amount of fun.   Won’t share those stories with kiddo just yet.

dragging ass

ugggggh.    I hate insomnia so mf’ing much!!!!!    Lately my problem isn’t falling asleep, it’s staying asleep.  I woke up at 4am after falling asleep at midnight and I am beyond exhausted.   Suck it insomnia.   I’ve already had 2 cups of coffee and I’m still sleepy.   I’m totally wearing my cranky pants today, which sucks because today’s my birthday !  I love birthdays, I’m so grateful for another day and another year with my family.   But I’m still sleepy, and a little cranky.  Meh.

When I was taking the trash out this morning I noticed that the lilacs haven’t bloomed yet.   Lilacs are almost always fully bloomed on my birthday but our roller coaster weather must have messed up their clock.  Anyway I bring up the lilacs because they got me thinking about birthday memories.   I’m grateful for EVERY birthday but there are a few that stick out:

5th birthday.   I had chicken pox.   If I remember correctly I think my parents still had my birthday party for my friends but I obviously couldn’t go.

8th birthday.   I remember being so excited about bringing in pink frosted cupcakes to school with a red m&m on top and having my first sleepover party.

16th birthday.   I got my permit and a stereo

25th birthday.  I went to Disneyworld for the first time for a broadcast.  It was amazing and I got to bring kiddo.

28th birthday.   I was told my position was being eliminated (shout out Ryan Seacrest!)

My birthdays are always lovely, those were some of the memories that flew back when I was looking at the yet to bloom lilacs.   What are some of your birthday memories?

lilac photo via Michael Weishan