This past weekend was the fastest weekend ever.   Friday was my birthday, despite starting the day in a crappy mood I rebounded and had a great day with family and friends.   After work my family had an intimate party complete with a pink cake, presents and actual TIME TOGETHER:

After the party my parents were kind enough to volunteer to babysit so manfriend and I found ourselves kidless for the evening.   I’ve been running my mouth about wanting a boot from the Biergarten forever and finally decided to give it a shot:


Saturday I spent a quarter of the day recovering from das boot and then ran around getting ready for a celebration for kiddo the next day.   After picking up cakes, penny loafers and flowers we were ready for a busy Sunday.  I didn’t even really celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday it was all about kiddo and family.   After his celebration we held a luncheon for our family at Dinosaur BBQ in one of their private rooms (the smaller of the 2) and I was really impressed.   We had great food from the catering menu  (ribs, chicken, salmon and various sides) the service was great (we had a private server) and everyone was happy.   It’s not easy to impress my family, and they were impressed…none of them had been to Dinosaur BBQ before.

—sidenote, allegedly this was the LOWEST weekend at Dino BBQ, hard to believe because it always seemed pack.  I think their business model revolves around a nonstop 2 hour wait—

Finally after the luncheon and a bike ride and some tennis I decided to indulge in a mother’s day moment:

Ahhh, champagne and fuzzy slippers.   This is the life.

How was your weekend?