10 more things

Because sometimes I love 10 little moments to be selfish and think about sh*t I like.   Found via bakinginmybathingsuit.

1) Favorite Color: Gotta love the green!

2) Favorite Animal: I’ve also had a soft spot for penguins, I blame a trip to the Boston Aquarium (that’s what I call it) when I was 5.

3) Favorite Number: I don’t have a favorite number, I’m just not crazy about 13, trying to dial that down a bit.

4) Favorite (non-adult) drink:  Metromint water (try the lemon) or Diet Dr. Pepper

5) Facebook or Twitter? Twitter.   Short.  Sweet.   Not too many pictures of uteruses, I’m down.

6) Passion:  Other than that whole manfriend or mother thing I suppose spotting celebs before they were famous in Sex and the City.   I should really keep a journal on this.

7) Giving or receiving presents?  I love giving gifts that people love and receiving compliments, wrong but true.

8) Favorite Pattern:  Is paisley back in yet?  I love a unique plaid.

9) Favorite Day: Saturdays or Sundays, not too much work and lots of family time, and Mad Men

10) Favorite Flower:  the kind that come in a large bouquet that make other people jealous.  Like this one, manfriend.  Or this one.   (I also like lilacs.)