cookies, cakes and stuff

Happy Christmas Eve, eve!  If I can actually focus at work, I might be able to take a half day, that would be awesome.  Short of a present for a baby and two floral arrangements I think I actually finished Christmas shopping, truly shocking!

Has your office been filled with candy and treats for the last 3 weeks?  Mine has.   When you work at a radio station there always seems to be junk around (when you can’t eat it.)   When there are 6 radio stations the  junk quantity hits an epic level.    Yesterday I discovered this treasure in the breakroom:

One of the morning shows  in the building had it delivered.   This thing was like a  piece of art, I didn’t taste it, I just sort of ogled it.   Apparently it’s made of magic gingerbread.    This gorgeous creation helped inspire me when I got home.   I remembered at about 7:45p that I needed to make cookies for kiddo’s class.   Meh.   I totally took the lazy route.   Pillsbury sugar cookie roll.   Rolling pin.    Cookie cutters.   Bake.   Decorate.   Done:

They’re kind of sloppy but whatever, they’re just going to be eaten!  I can just hear the conversation now:

Teacher:  “Did you decorate these cookies for your mom?”

Kid: “No, my mom did those by herself.”

Teacher:  “Oh.”

Seriously, I need to start a craft fail, baking fail blog in the new year.

I’m considering giving myself a present(s) for the holiday, just need to decide which one.   Do I gift myself the Naked palette:

Or do I give myself this hand stamped bracelet?   I’ve been lusting after this since summer:


I know it’s kind of selfish to gift to myself, but I just thought I’d do something nice for me.    Both are about $50 so we’ll see.  Alright, wish me luck accomplishing that half day.

pin it, do it. buttons & paint

I mentioned last week that I’m a massive Pinterest addict, but I pin a lot of things without ever doing them. Well I got one done.

I thought this button tree was too adorable:

Source: via ashallann on Pinterest

So I made my own little version.


Then I made some more,

I know, I’m not the most artistic person in the world, my “talent” peaked a long time ago, but this was really relaxing.   I just used watercolor for two of the trees and crayon for the other two.   Then just went button glueing crazy.   I managed to sparkle a few of the trees up too.   Kiddo even joined in and made his own button tree.   If you’re looking for a relaxing little creation time, give this a whirl.   I’m definitely going to try this again with heavier paint and a finer brush.

Oh, and I actually purchased buttons for this because I didn’t have large quantities of buttons laying around (does anyone?) So I stopped into JoAnn’s, which was a madhouse, and picked up a big bulk container of buttons for $6.   I’ll definitely be able to use these for mending too.

Alright, let’s see what I tackle next from my list of pins to do!

pin it, do it.

Are you on Pinterest?  It’s super addicting and I encourage everyone to join.   Basically you’re “pinning” all the crap you see on the interwebs that you want to do|wear|eat|create|visit, etc on virtual boards.   I’m a mad pinner.   I’m not a mad do-er.   Since we’ve hit the last month of the year I’m going to attempt to do at least one thing from a few of the boards I’ve been pinning on since summer.   I’m going to skip over the crap I want boards (clothing, jewelry, shoes, trips) and focus on fun stuff to try with kiddo, fun stuff to make for the holidays, and fun things to eat.   I love to eat.

It’s a pretty ambitious list, but I’ll give it a try!

Totally doing this for New Year’s

I think this would be something to fun to “build” with the kid on winter break

Source: via ashallann on Pinterest

Earn that allowance!

I’m origami stupid, but I’ll try!


I definitely want to try this next week

Who knew potatoes could be adorable!?

Manfriend would love these

Source: via ashallann on Pinterest

Orange Christmas Balls! Balls!

I just think it looks pretty (and I think it might be relaxing to make)

Source: via ashallann on Pinterest

I’ve got everything ready to make this, just need to do it

if i had a million dollars: daydreaming

I recently joined Pinterest after seeing how much fun Jessica at You Are My Color was having at the site.    It’s essentially cataloguing and organizing EVERYTHING you like and pinning it to a board (I know, you’re shaking your head going, huh?)   Trust me, try it out and I’m confident you’ll like it.   I think it’s a really fun way to see things that you’re really into, to help brainstorming for ideas for everything from creativity at work to redecorating, to kid’s stuff.

Apparently the stuff I’ve been pinning for homes and decor is a littttttle out of my dj salary league, but I just really enjoyed these little spots:

How amazing is this foyer?

I would LOVE to cook in this kitchen, it’s so pretty!!

Or this:

Of course in this massive mansion that houses my GIANT foyer and gourmet kitchen, I’d also like to have a little getaway cottage to sit and be pretty in:

I adore this, what a genius idea:

I have no idea how much ANY of these cost, but I’m confident it would require at least a few million !   If you’re on pinterest, let me know, I’d love to follow you!    Follow me on pinterest here !