sharon, lois & bram

I’m a child of the 80’s, I had crimped hair, I wore shiny pink lycra, I had aNKOTB t-shirt,and I watched a lot of cheesy television.

For whatever reason while discussing something with manfriend I had a random thought of Sharon, Lois & Bram pop into my head.   Unless you were under the age of 10 in the 80’s you probably have noooo idea who they are.  They were a singing troupe for kids.   They sang the Skinamarinkedinkedink song and wore peasant skirts.  I’m sure they had greater contributions to society than that, but that’s my takeaway.  Sharon, Lois and Bram-ness:

The random SL&B memory opened the door to many other 80’s cheese tv that I had locked away in my mind.   Anyone recall Today’s Special with the creep old puppet that looked like Walter Mathau?

How about Square One?  I was always a fan of Mathnet (yup I was a nerd way back then too.)

The one 80’s show that actually makes me cringe and want to run out of a room screaming would have to be Pinwheel.  One winter break we had a babysitter that would lock all the kids she was watching in a room while she would take hours long baths and the only form of entertainment was Pinwheel on a never ending loop.    The opening credits are basically my kryptonite:


Any other amazing 80’s shows you’d like to share?