tights or pantyhose?

I went to a wedding this past Saturday and sported my new favorite little black dress.  It was the perfect cut, had beautiful pearl detailing, made me look skinnier than I actually am but somehow still made me appear to have an ass, all for $50.   I paired it with this adorable gray toned leopard print wrap.  Thank you Macy’s clearance rack.   This is an incredibly attractive dressing room shot:

I have a pair of black platform pumps but couldn’t decide if I should wear black tights

or pantyhose.

I’m a tights girl for the most part but I’ve worn pantyhose in the past for formal events…sorry I’m Irish and pale, bare legs are only for May-August.   I cringe when I hear pantyhose but I think it’s because it involves the word “panty” and I hate for that word.   Anyway, I spent so much time trying to decide between tights and hose, it was embarrassing, so what would you have worn?

the last pair of boots

I’ve been doing some hardcore reorganizing in my closest(s) over the last few weekends.   I have a serious shoe problem.    I’m not exactly sure when I lost control but I have way too many pairs, it needs to stop.   I have three pairs of nude pumps.   Three!   For the love of Gucci, I’m a dj…no one even sees me, I could roll into work in Pumas and a hoodie every day, why am I obsessed with shoes??    I’ve decided I am not allowed to buy any more shoes, indefinitely.   Not a sneaker (I have 3 pairs of those too) not a flat (I have about 10 pairs) or a heel (I can’t even keep track.)

At the beginning of the month I made a little Shoedazzle purchase, obviously not something I needed, but when they arrive this will be my last pair of anything for a long, long time.

I’ll miss you Shoedazzle.   You too Endless.com.   This may be one of the hardest bad habits to quit