twist and eat

Sometimes when I tell people that I work in radio they instantly assume my days are filled with nonstop fun.   Sometimes they’re right.   I mean, do you play Twister in your office?


I forced people to play Twister, but I swear it was work…honestly.


When I’m not busy playing Twister and running a radio station, I’ve been experimenting with a lot of new (to me) recipes.   Here are some fun successes from the last week:

Steakhouse Pot Pie with Cabernet & Mushrooms


This recipe was featured on the Today Show earlier this year and is incredibly easy to execute.  It’s not a good quickie meal, but if you’ve got a little time to let things simmer I guarantee this will get you mucho compliments.



I’d never even eaten stromboli before, but as soon as i saw this “how to make stromboli” pin I figured it was worth a try, I mean it’s essentially a giant pizza roll.   I didn’t use the same ingredients as the recipe, I went with mozzerella, fresh basil, ground sausage and sauce…oh and the dough of course.   It was awesome, but i didn’t have parchment paper so I basically destroyed my pan.  This baby clean as a whistle before I stromboli’d it:


Happy twisting and eating!!

the secret to getting through for radio contests…

I got an interesting tweet yesterday:

The answer?   There is no secret, it’s total luck if you get through on a radio contest that’s looking for a specific caller.  I know, kind of a bummer.   Here’s something to keep in mind, most radio stations have more than one phone line, the majority of stations I’ve worked at have had at least 3 phone lines, some as many as 8.   What does that mean?  If you’re calling for a contest, hear the dj answer but aren’t the right caller, keep trying!  Most dj’s will move pretty quick to move on to the next phone line (most of us don’t have Frasier-esque producer Roz’s.)

Have you ever won a radio station contest?   What did you win?   When I was younger I used to try to win things all the time (I reallllllly wanted that Spice Girls cd!)