the first ring i don’t want

I love a good ring, but I want nothing to do with this one.   Say hello to the anti-cheating ring from The Cheeky:

This ring doesn’t have any sparkle, but it does leave a pretty obvious imprint on the wearer’s hand to prevent cheating:

For a mere $550 you can get peace of mind that the cheater in your life won’t get very far with imprints on their ring finger that they’re married.

Maybe this will have an impact on those ever soaring divorce rates?   While I have no need for an anti cheating ring, if one had the ability to create ANY message inside the ring, this could be an awesome revenge tactic.   Imagine giving this to a frenemy with the word DOUCHEBAG inside?

Alright, alright.  Instead of focusing on the negative, how about some fabulous & positive Etsy loves as of late?