better than brass knuckles

and way prettier


Found at Target. $9.99. Fierce and fabulous. This would leave a mark on your face.

look into my ring

If you read my blog or follow me on twitter you know I love big ass rings!   I found a great one at Target this morning, isn’t the color/whatever’s inside of it awesome?   Bonus that it’s big and it was $5!!!

I actually found myself staring into the ring today,almost getting lost in it.  It’s ok, you can laugh at me.   🙂

Ok, moms and dads, do you ever get last minute info from your little darlings?   Example, this evening kiddo had an event at school, this morning he said, “Ohhhhhhhh, I need black pants and a white shirt for tonight, bye!!!”

Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but a recent growth spurt and a kid who HATES shopping has put his wardrobe into a tight space.    After running into 2 Targets, a Marshall’s, and a JC Penney I was still white polo shirtless and black pantless…luckily his dad found the pants and I picked up a polo after work but it was just rushing that we could have avoided.   Ever get that last minute request from your kid?

Kiddo did a great job at his event tonight and we thought we would celebrate with Emack & Bolio’s on Delaware.

Sidenote, do I need to specify which Emack & Bolio’s?   The other location, in Guilderland, closed, right?

I love this place it’s like a fantasy in the middle of Albany.    I think I was more excited than kiddo for ice cream, oh yea no fro yo, I went for the full on cream of ice.     I went with Deep Purple Cow (black raspberry ice cream, white and dark chocolate pieces and blueberry) it was fantabulous:

I really love the atmosphere of Emack & Bolio’s it’s so cozy! (ignore my very pale knee if you can.)

There was even a quick chess match over ice cream and cappuccino’s tonight:

After the match we relaxed outside in the garden area, love it.   I want to make my backyard look like Emack & Bolio’s! (that’s a blurry manfriend in the pic)

Great, great night.   Hope you’re enjoying the cool down and ready to take on a fabulous Friday!!

obsessed much?

I carry A LOT of crap in my purse.  At any given time there’s easily a pair of studio headphones, books, full makeup, hair ties, socks, toys, snacks, a girls gotta be prepared.  Oh and if your emergency situation ever calls for cocktail rings, hit me up.   As I delved into the abyss of my bag this evening here’s what I discovered:

Ooh a cocktail ring, aww and it’s purple, how fun!

Oh, another cocktail ring, with a chain, that’s kind of fiercey:

Ooooh, my owl ring…LOVE this one!

Oh, wow…I had four in here…that’s weird…

Oh, wow, five…this is the one I can use as a weapon:

Ok, now this is just ridiculous:

SIX cocktail rings?   Who needs this much gawdy bling?  Apparently I do.   Do you have any weird stuff you carry in your purse?  Do you have any weird stuff x 6 you carry in your purse?

etsy ring love

I’m on the search for a fantastic everyday ring as my fingers feel naked.  I’ve become an etsy stalker as of late because I didn’t realize how much amazing stuff was on there ! I’ll be the chick who sounds out of touch but I always thought etsy was like knit stuff and crafts, not that that’s bad-it’s just not my style.   There are soooo many amazing things (I can’t get any more detailed than things there’s so much stuff) on etsy!

Love this ring, and love that the seller is from Tampa!  Definitely on the top of my list.  FYI they’re stackable letters, they don’t come together:

Look at how cool this Citizen’s Watch ring is!!!  I wish I knew what size it came in so I could see if it would fit my chubby fingers!

This dictionary ring is my love right now, but I know it won’t fit my chubby size 8 😦

Perfect spring ring!

and tell me what coffee fiend wouldn’t loooove this little java ring??