stay pretty, save money, and get a free bag!

A couple of weeks ago my friend Charlie had a cute bag with her at work.  Of course I asked her where she found it and she told me Sally Beauty Supply, and that it was free.  Uhhh wha?    She had signed up for their beauty club for $5 and received an instant discount and the free bag.   I had to get in on this.

I’ve driven past Sally Beauty in Latham Farms a million times but always assumed it was for salon owners, I totally thought I needed a VIP salon pass or something to go buy stuff there.  Nope!

I stopped in over the weekend and this place has so much great stuff.   From straighteners and coloring supplies to makeup and shampoos, polishes, skin care, extensions…seriously everything beauty.

I grabbed all this (SPF moisturizing lotion, firming lotion, tea tree lavender shampoo, travel makeup brushes, 2 nail art thin brushes and polish, magnetic polish and some thin non latex rubber gloves for sparkling) for I think about $70.

That price was after I had signed up for their Beauty Club (for $5) all of the savings terms and discounts can be found here.  Oh, and I got a free bag, this was the only one they had left but I’ll totally use this for the beach:

I wonder where else I can go to save some $$?

Oh, and I used some of those nail art brushes and polish to attempt (I stress attempt) a cute nail polish thing.  Watermelon nails.  Amazing?  No…but a good first try: