the hunt for the smirnoff sequin dress

I swear, every time I turn on the tv this commercial is running:

While the flavored vodka does sound amazing, what I’m really craving is the navy blue sequin top  dress that the actress, Roxanne McKee, is wearing in the commercial.

I need this topdress  Navy sequins, a longer fit, deep v, short sleeves (that look to be a little longer too) I’ve been searching for it for days!  It’s not a dress, too short for that, maybe a tunic?

Update!  It is a dress!  After tweeting Smirnoff they were kind enough to provide this info:

So it IS  a dress.  French Connection Samantha is what you need to be on the lookout for:

A few quick searches for the French Connection sequin Samantha dress came up with a bunch of different results

You could purchase Kris Jenner’s off Ebay:

You could get this gold version at Saks for $89 !!!

Or this green version from Bloomingdales for almost $300

If you google “French Connection Samantha” you’ll find tons of different versions.   Happy shopping!!!

Below you’ll find my attempts at finding the look before I knew what it was (thought it was a top)


I’ve searched everywhere and haven’t found the exact one yet, but each of these are close:

This DKNY top ($62.99 on Zappos) is slightly similar, comes in black and a royal blue.  I almost wish they could combine the black and royal blue to get closer to the navy but sadly this is interwebs shopping, not Photoshop, can’t adjust the hue.

This Tinley Road Peplum Top ($79 on Piperlime) is another that’s kinda sorta similar, but not spot on:

A black sequin deep v version ($52.99 at Macy’s)

This cowl neck sequin top seems to have the length and the fit of the shirt  I’m looking for, but not the color.  ($45.99 at Macy’s)

I thought for sure I’d find the top on Polyvore instead I found these bad boys.   Sequin jeans shorts?  Really?

In addition to the hot shorts, I did come across a few more amazing tops.   This Oleg Cassani Vintage top ($413.36 on Farfetch)

This navy Aquilano Rimondi sequin top ($555.08 on Farfetch)

I’ll keep searching, if you spot anything similar hit me with a link.

tights or pantyhose?

I went to a wedding this past Saturday and sported my new favorite little black dress.  It was the perfect cut, had beautiful pearl detailing, made me look skinnier than I actually am but somehow still made me appear to have an ass, all for $50.   I paired it with this adorable gray toned leopard print wrap.  Thank you Macy’s clearance rack.   This is an incredibly attractive dressing room shot:

I have a pair of black platform pumps but couldn’t decide if I should wear black tights

or pantyhose.

I’m a tights girl for the most part but I’ve worn pantyhose in the past for formal events…sorry I’m Irish and pale, bare legs are only for May-August.   I cringe when I hear pantyhose but I think it’s because it involves the word “panty” and I hate for that word.   Anyway, I spent so much time trying to decide between tights and hose, it was embarrassing, so what would you have worn?

unexpected shopping

Isn’t it fun when you stumble across a shopping experience?   We took a spontaneous trip to the North Country this weekend and spent a little bit of time in Lake George (the village really doesn’t open until this weekend) and went in search of a bedskirt at the outlets.   I haven’t been to the Lake George outlets in 11 years so I thought bedskirts were something we could find.   I was wrong.   Eventually manfriend ended up in Brooks Brothers and I came across DKNY.   I fell in love with a pair of black leggings, well 2 pairs of black leggings.   One had a leather stripe up the leg (love) the other had silver studs near the cuffs (LOVE) but since we’re heading into summer I decided to be a bit more seasonal with my purchases:

Love a good short, especially when it has the bermuda possibility:

When I find something I like I always purchase a twin:

And of course I couldn’t say no to sequin t-shirts:

yay for sequins!

The $$ damage wasn’t as bad as it could have been, I was pleasantly surprised with my outlet bottom line.   What’s your favorite outlet to hit?

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co-ed fitting rooms

I just got back from an awesome vacation in Florida.   Beaches, friends, food, parks, good times and shopping !!!  Tampa has a Nordstrom’s that I feel ever so comfortable in (so does my credit card) so when I realized I would need a new bathing suit during my getaway I made a beeline for International Plaza to find a fab new suit. It  took all of three minutes to find a style I was happy with, all I needed to do was try it on to make sure there were no icky bulges or nip slips.

Once in a dressing room I was surprised to look down and see:

Yea…that’s a dude’s shoe.  It also had a dude’s voice.  He was directing the lady he was in the dressing room with on fashion…I guess.   Meh.   i know he couldn’t see me or anything but it kind of creeped me out.   Eventually the dressing room duo left and I decided I wanted to to get the brutal honest truth from the 3 way mirror in the fitting room’s hallway so I strolled outside and was surprised to see another dude just hanging out in the fitting room !   WTF!    I did a slow backwards walk into my fitting room and slammed the door.  I would later hear he was simply waiting for his wife to come out to show him some dresses that she was trying on but it still creeped my out….but why?????

I was trying on bathing suits that I would eventually wear on a beach in front of many other people, why did it bother me that there were dudes in a dressing room as I tested them out?   Is it cool for men to hang out in fitting rooms?  I don’t think it’s wrong, but I definitely felt a little embarrassed……