head north

Are you there winter?   No?  Ok, that’s cool.

The mild winter has been fun, but I know my kid has been pissed.   He’s a kid, of course he wants tons of snow!    This grass in February stuff isn’t cool.   To give him something of a little winter experience his dad and I brought him up to Saranac Lake this weekend.   It’s the Adirondacks, they must be slammed with snow?   Nope.   But it was still pretty cool.

Manfriend’s brother helps construct the ice castle for The Saranac Lake Winter Carnival so we got to get a little preview of the awesomeness:



Really amazing stuff.   I believe the Winter Carnival kicks off this weekend and runs through next.   Weather permitting the ice castle should be open for the next 30 days.   The theme this year is space invasion and there are a lot of amazing space craft ice creations…2 1/2 hours away from Albany…definitely worth the drive.

After we checked out the castle we wandered into Lake Placid for a bit..walked out onto the lake, enjoyed the day.   Then manfriend’s bro took us to a relatively secluded frozen lake, it was pretty breathtaking at dusk (sorry for the choppiness, it’s a crappy panorama app on my iPhone):


Not a ton of snow in the Adirondacks right now, but still beautiful to see.   That’s what I love about living in Albany.   Jump in the car, drive about 2 1/2 hours south and you’re in the city.   Drive about 2 1/2 hours north, you’re deep in the Adirondacks.   NYS may annoy the crap out of me sometimes, but it’s got range.

i spy: cart eating snowbanks

Check it.   Capital Region snowbanks have actually started to consume things:

Spotted on Central Ave. near Colvin…those poor shopping carts never had a chance.

complete weather satisfaction

Perhaps I’m being a p, but I think this has been a pretty rough winter in the 518.  I know, I know we’re hearty northerners but this winter has still been a bit overwhelming.  I’m ready for spring.

But I’m not allowed to say that.

I don’t enjoy complaining but I feel like anytime  I’ve said “suck it” to winter, even in jest, people are quick to come back with:

“Well it’s the northeast if you don’t like it leave.”

Well, no. That’s just ridiculous.  And for the record I did leave for a while, I lived in Florida.  When you commented about the oppressive heat people would agree with you or just smile.   Listen I like skiing, I like snowshoeing, I like sledding, I like playing in the snow with my kid, I even like to pretend I’m a figure skater on the icy disaster that is my driveway, but I’ve hit my winter peak., don’t pounce on me.  Why are we so quick to tell people to GTFO of NY simply for noting the nastiness?  I’m sure the complaint level is up 200% after this crappy winter but has anyone else noticed an increased “shut it” from winter fanatics?

*awesome angry snowman photo via the telegraph.co.uk


way better than a picture of your dashboard thermometer

THAT is cold: