starbucks surcharge?

I had to work this morning so I decided to treat myself to a little Starbucks drink and bite.   I got my normal venti vanilla rooibos tea and in a moment of weakness ordered a very non-vegan and unhealthy pumpkin bread.   The cashier asked me if I was getting the items for here or to go, I told her to go and she told me the total was $5.08, then quickly changed the total to $4.90 because “I’m not eating there.”


There was a line of people behind me so I didn’t want to pester the cashier about the price differences but I was definitely curious.   I’m not a daily Starbucks customer but I usually wander in once or twice a month.  I’ve never had anyone mention the price difference for eating in vs. eating out.   I was genuinely curious so I called the Starbucks later and asked the manager about the price difference and he confirmed that, yes, if you order a food item and you eat in it needs to be taxed.   If you order an item to go it is not taxed (or maybe it’s taxed differently, it’s taxed like a grocery store would.)   Groundbreaking news?  No, but a new piece of info to keep in mind when ordering at Starbucks.


if i had a million dollars – blinged out starbucks

Spotted on Pinterest, the most amazing Starbucks cup ever:

Caffeine.   Sparkles.   If I had a million dollars I’d be allll over this.   I wish I knew the origin of this awesomeness.   I’ll just go ahead and assume it’s expensive.

i like to touch the tea

I am a reformed Starbucks addict.   When I lived in Tampa I had a serious problem, it was expensive and fatty.   Every day before my show I had to have a venti nonfat no whip mocha, and if I sucked it down before going on the air at 11 or 12 there would be a second mocha (usually tall) that day.   It became a little much, especially after they opened a Starbucks down the street from my office,  so I started to swap out the rich mocha for Tazo Tea…my personal fave, Passion (searing hot) and even a venti was under $2!!!!

Fast forward a few years and I’ve cut out the mochas completely, and stop into Starbucks a few times a month to get my hot passion fix to go.   I always keep a box of Tazo in my office.   I was confused a few weeks ago when I stopped at the Wolf Road Starbucks to get some Passion in a box and to go…the barista said they were out – weird – and kept talking about silkiness.   I was baffled.   Yesterday I wandered back to Starbucks and discovered a whole new look.  Instead of boxes, Tazo now packages their new full leaf teas in tins.   I was sad to see there was less product for more price (I believe 15 bags for $6.25)  but a very delicous tea.   

I actually picked up Refresh over Passion to switch it up a little bit, and I now see what the barista was talking about regarding silkiness.   I am not REALLY into tea, so I’m sure there’s an official name for it, but instead of tea bag it’s as if the leaves are held in a pantyhose -esque material, which I can’t stop touching!!   Anyone know what it’s called?

I love Tazo Teas at Starbucks, but I don’t understand the price jump considering the economy.  I guess I’ll just have to step down to a grande tea to stay under my $2 limit.