ding dong

Weekends are always busy.  Most Saturdays we’re up and out early for work, sports, events, activities, etc.  When there is a Saturday that we don’t have to be somewhere I may act a little lazy.   I still get up early, I do work from my couch, I clean, I’ll play with kiddo…but I’ll stay in my pj’s a little longer than normal.   Yesterday was a total full on lazy day.   I did a ton of work (in my pj’s) then started straightening up in the kitchen and dining room.   When I was cleaning the kitchen floor I heard the dreaded,


I hate hearing the doorbell on a Saturday.

I hate hearing the doorbell on a Saturday when I’m in my pajamas.

I hate hearing the doorbell on a Saturday when I’m in my pajamas and it’s after 1pm.

Because the kid screamed “DOORBELL,”  I couldn’t pretend that I didn’t hear it (I‘ve done that before.)  So I was forced to look like a total bum and answer it in my pj’s.   It was just  someone in the neighborhood with information on an event, but I still felt scummy.

if I actually looked like this in my pajamas I probably wouldn’t be so embarrassed to answer the door

When I tweeted that I had just been caught by an unannounced visitor as a late in the day pj offender I was relieved to find that I’m not the only one who isn’t a fan of the doorbell on Saturdays.   I was even more relieved to discover that I’m not the only one who has ignored a doorbell before.   Evil smiles.

Time for a total topic change.   I feel like I’ve lived at Target this week.   Between needing stuff and hitting their clearance (yes I’ll get jeans for the kid and I for $10) I’ve been all up in the land of addictive shopping.   I always wander through the  accessories department before I head to the checkout and couldn’t believe what I saw:

FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS!  For sale.   Like $4.99 a piece!   I used to be able to bust out 5 or 10 friendship bracelets a day when I was younger.   I wonder if I could set up shop from the back of my truck in a Target parking lot and sell these for $3 a piece?   I have friendship bracelet-makin’ skills.   Can’t believe stores are selling them.  It’s as if the 90’s are for sale – again.

better than brass knuckles

and way prettier


Found at Target. $9.99. Fierce and fabulous. This would leave a mark on your face.

pop goes the color

We had a rare and welcomed 77 degree day yesterday in the Capital Region.   It was overcast and there was a threat of thunderstorms but it was that perfect humidity that holds you.   Love spring and summer.   When there’s a 77 degree day this early in April I feel it demands the proper attire.   I’m talking fun dresses with the perfect pop of color.

I used to be the girl who only wore black or gray.   I felt that this helped make me look thinner (even though I weighed at least 15 pounds less than I do now.)  A few years ago I got sick of dressing like a rainstorm so I started to introduce small pops of color, a bright accessory of scarf.   Then some bright tights.   Now I’m addicted to color and I love finding happy compliments with different pieces.

Yesterday I decided to break out a beautiful sheath I had spotted at Target recently:

Loved it.   I call it the cleopatra sheath because of the bead and sequin work on top:

For some people the dress alone would be just fine, but for me I like a little more.   Basically I consider this dress my base because it’s a relatively neutral color (navy) with some fun accents.   I had a pair of fun wedges that I thought would bring out the turquoise beading perfectly:

A nice little look:

Had it been July I probably would have stopped there, but it’s April and my studio is cold so I needed some sort of wrap or sweater.   I have a gold sweater that would have been dead on with the gold roping in the top part of the sheath but it would’ve been very matchy.  A white sweater would’ve worked but I wanted to go bright so I broke out one of my faves, my coral/orangey (depends on what you’re wearing it with) sweater:

It was the PERFECT pop of color.   I wish I had a camera that didn’t suck so hard, next time I sport this outfit I’ll take a pic in it.   Personally I’m a fan of accenting with colors (not wearing one bold color and accenting with neutrals.)  That’s just me.   Would Stacey & Clinton approve of the outfit?  Not so sure, but I felt fabulous in it!   How do you use color in your wardrobe?   Do you get a little more ambitious with colors in spring?