top 2 tuesday: drinks

I am blatantly stealing yet another fun blog thingy (that’s the technical name) from Krystal’s Kitsch, love her blog and all the fun stuff she does and participates in !

Top 2 Tuesday: Drinks (alcoholic or non)

1. TAZO  Vanilla Rooibos Tea.   Hot.   That’s it.   I heart this tea hardcore.   If I’m lazy I’ll grab a hot grande from Starbucks, but I also have a tin at work.   It’s fantstic, no need to add milk or sugar.   Great to drink, with a lovely sweet vanilla-y aftertaste.   This is such an affordable luxurious treat during the week.   I’m attempting to replace evil coffee with this.

2.   Cycles Gladiator Cabernet Sauvignon.   I don’t remember how we discovered this particular wine but it’s perfect for a delicious dinner, a cozy cold night or a warm summer evening out on the backyard.   Bonus that it’s affordable.

i like to touch the tea

I am a reformed Starbucks addict.   When I lived in Tampa I had a serious problem, it was expensive and fatty.   Every day before my show I had to have a venti nonfat no whip mocha, and if I sucked it down before going on the air at 11 or 12 there would be a second mocha (usually tall) that day.   It became a little much, especially after they opened a Starbucks down the street from my office,  so I started to swap out the rich mocha for Tazo Tea…my personal fave, Passion (searing hot) and even a venti was under $2!!!!

Fast forward a few years and I’ve cut out the mochas completely, and stop into Starbucks a few times a month to get my hot passion fix to go.   I always keep a box of Tazo in my office.   I was confused a few weeks ago when I stopped at the Wolf Road Starbucks to get some Passion in a box and to go…the barista said they were out – weird – and kept talking about silkiness.   I was baffled.   Yesterday I wandered back to Starbucks and discovered a whole new look.  Instead of boxes, Tazo now packages their new full leaf teas in tins.   I was sad to see there was less product for more price (I believe 15 bags for $6.25)  but a very delicous tea.   

I actually picked up Refresh over Passion to switch it up a little bit, and I now see what the barista was talking about regarding silkiness.   I am not REALLY into tea, so I’m sure there’s an official name for it, but instead of tea bag it’s as if the leaves are held in a pantyhose -esque material, which I can’t stop touching!!   Anyone know what it’s called?

I love Tazo Teas at Starbucks, but I don’t understand the price jump considering the economy.  I guess I’ll just have to step down to a grande tea to stay under my $2 limit.