thank you, have a great day!

I really dislike people who refuse to get off their cell phones when checking out at a store.   A  word that starts with douche and ends with bag works for folks like that.  Yes, your phone call may be important, but take  a hot 30 second break from your chat-fest to acknowledge the person assisting you.   Better yet, get off the phone and say, “thank you.”   I know it’s a crazy concept to grasp.

Honestly I’m always shocked by the lack of thank-you’s during the day, especially in stores.  If you’re helping me, answering a question, serving me food, or checking me out,  you’re pretty much guaranteed, “thanks, have a great day!”   Even if you’re snippy.   Why?   I worked in retail in college and people could be so rude, I just felt like a doormat by the end of the day.   Whenever a customer would say a simple, “thank you” it made me feel slightly recharged.   I can’t guarantee that the people on the receiving end of my thanks have the same feeling, but they always seem surprised and smile.    Give it a whirl, I guarantee it’ll be welcomed.

Thanks.   Have a great day.