i heart food

Kiddo and I went to see The Muppet Movie at Crossgates over the weekend. It was fantastic ! Because we were at Crossgates we had the chance to eat at Fresh Healthy Cafe.   Love that place ! I devoured the extreme veggie wrap (no cheese, olives, or vinagrette)


Kiddo enjoyed a grilled cheese and strawberry banana smoothie


If you’ve never been you’ve gotta check it out. Lower level, Crossgates Mall outside of Dicks.

Since I switched my eating habits last month I’m always in the kitchen. Im certainly not a vegan, but I’m eating like one ! One of my favorite veggies to use is kale. It’s so versatile.  I eat it fresh, with pasta, in soups. I made a great dish the other night using kale, portobello mushrooms and tomatoes. (the recipe at the link doesn’t include kale, but I threw it in, no cheese though.)  Not pretty, but delicious !


Manfriend has even fallen for kale. He’s been very patient with my vegan dishes, he’ll use them as side dishes. Here was his creation with kale, he included bangers from Oscar’s


Oh and I made a version of tom yum soup last night. Amazing. I added in some broccoli rabe. Great taste and not too too hot. Just enough kick.


I’m no foodie, but I love trying new things !