Angelina Jolie Oscar jewelry-found(ish)


 I am on a mission to find a knockoff version of Angelina Jolie’s emerald earrings from the Oscars.  As it’s only two days after the big event I wasn’t expecting to find a duplicate, but I was hoping for a little more.  So far, here are the closest looks I’ve found:


liztaylor_emeraldEmitations  has a pair of Liz Taylor inspired drop earrings for about $170

 round-emerald-dropAnother Emitations find were the round emerald drop earrings for about $80


tpa_2041_833115604Emitations also is home to the faux emerald pear drops for about $75



emerald_dark_dropPersonally I think this pair of olive green drop earrings are closest to the shape of Angelina’s, if only they were a little brighter!  This pair from runs about $45



Found this pair in a quick google search…they claim to be on Emitations, but the link is dead 😦


I’ll continue searching for a closer knockoff.  Here’s hoping Angelina’s look makes emeralds or faux emeralds a bit more popular in 2009.  I just saw that Extra found a few other emerald options…nothing spot on, but close!


Many thanks to Anna for clueing me in on the Roberta Chiarella earrings.  These look like an exact match, absolutely goregous (and absolutely under $100!)




  1. check out roberta chiarrela website… they’re called angie’s earrings.. exact replica — $68.

  2. Thank you so much! They truly are spot on, I’m so excited! I really appreciate it!

  3. Thanks so much for finding the Roberta Chiarella site. That pair is the most similar.


  1. […] love finding knockoffs, I did it once before with Angelina Jolie’s emerald Oscar earrings a few years ago, it’s like a little scavenger […]

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